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  • We will find the most optimal space in your home for our session upon arrival. Somewhere near a bathroom 

  • Once an area has been located we will drop in with a consultation to go over your submitted health history, familiarize you with the process of the ceremony/possible effects, placement of points, and go over any questions you have.

  • After the consultation, the ceremonial space will be set up. I'll ask during this time that you begin preparing for ceremony by connecting with yourself and your intention.

  • Once the space is ready we will begin our session with an opening ritual.

  • Using a small (roughly 1/8” in diameter) tamashi, small points also known as ‘gates’ will be lightly burned through the top layer of your skin.

  • This is you will begin drinking approximately 2 liters of water while the medicine is prepared.

  • To begin the administration a test dot is always administered first to gauge the reaction to the medicine.  

  • If there is no adverse reaction, we will move forward with the ceremony by applying the rest of the medicine. 

  • Through this process I will be focused on you, your process, connecting to the medicine through song, playing instruments, and aiding you in whatever way is needed.

  • After the medicine is applied initial effects of accelerated heart beat, feeling flush, and pressure in the head or a sensation as if the heartbeat is “in the ears” comes on within seconds which is then followed by an increase in body heat, nausea accompanied by the need to purge. This is where your process begins and can take up to 30 minutes to move through you.

  • Once the purging process subsides, the heart beat will slowly return to normal and what is often referred to as an ‘afterglow’, a deep sense of relaxation and overall comfort is felt. This is the time to rest and deeply connect with your experience. It is recommended to be gentle with yourself the remainder of the day and ideally free to spend time integrating, being in nature, or solitude.  

  • The whole process, beginning to end can take between 1.5 - 2.5 hours.  

  • Remember, it is important to be gentle with yourself and mindful of what you put into your body at least 3 days after ceremony. Being sure to avoid alcohol, drug use, minimal sugar/salt, and eating light but nutrient rich meals. 

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