About Me

"Transform yourself to transform the world." - Grace Lee Boggs


I've been walking the healers path well before I fully realized. I was a nurturer as a child who always had a vibrant curiosity for how things worked, myself included. This undoubtedly is what propelled me as I navigated my life with various trainings and vocations in Psychology, social science research, herbalism and medicine, health coaching, women's empowerment, creating a health snack food company, being a teacher, and now working with Kambo. These collectively have afforded me the ability to grow and to approach this concept of healing from many modalities but most importantly it has crystalized my understanding of 'how I work' best which is when I am in service to others expansion and healing.

My call to be initiated as a Kambo practitioner came during my third Kambo session which took a few months to accept. Once I surrendered, finding a training rooted in indigenous tradition which honor the tribes and ancestors who have carried this medicine was most important. This landed me in Peru, to study in Matses tradition in the Northern region of the Amazon Jungle. They are the only tribe in Peru who preserve the knowledge and wisdom of Kambo, considering it sacred medicine, it is a deeply rooted part of their culture which is used throughout ones lifetime.


My experience in the Amazon was nothing short of magic, which I could speak at length about. Yet, what seems most prevalent to share is, my transformation of the WHY I went to the jungle. I went because yes, I was called to be in service and initiated as a practitioner, to learn, and be connected with the spirit of this medicine. However, I learned quickly that my journey wouldn't be that cut and dry. I was required to go deep, say yes to myself over and over by breaking open to unearth deep wounding, ancestral trauma, and faulty programming. In essence, to completely surrender and work WITH Kambo as an active participant in my own healing first.


What I walked away with was deep self love. It was through this process I realized my real "why', which is to be in service to others healing and transformation one must first, transform and heal themselves. For, there is a huge difference between knowing the path and walking the path. A phrase often uttered but now fully understood. It is with great reverence and a humble heart I walk this path in surrender as a conduit for this sacred medicine, and in service to others healing and transformation.


My approach to serving Kambo is personal in home one on one sessions or small groups (2-4 people) as I've found this creates a strong container for the deepest potential of release and transformation. My healing style supports those looking to clear toxins, stagnant or blocked energy, cultivate self-love, release limiting beliefs, addictions, trauma and womb work.

I'm currently based out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Peru and travel regularly to work with clients in other cities and countries.