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About Me

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"Transform yourself to transform the world." - Grace Lee Boggs

I was initiated as a Kambo Practitioner in Matses tradition where I lived in Peru, in the Northern region of the Amazon Jungle for six months. During this time I studied under tribal elders, completed a 10 day Kambo dieta, and served the community Kambo daily.

My experience in the Amazon was nothing short of magic, which I could speak at length about. Yet, what seems most prevalent to share is, my transformation of the WHY I went to the jungle. I went because yes, I was called to learn, and be connected with the spirit of this medicine as a practitioner. However, it quickly became apparent to me that the journey wouldn't be as simple as I had originally thought. Rather I would be required to go through multiple death portals to release who I had known myself to be and face off with with my own deep wounding, trauma, and faulty programming over and over. In essence, I had to completely surrender in a new way and work WITH Kambo as an active participant in my own transformation. 

As a result the greatest gift I walked away with was deep and profound self love. Being on the other side of it, I realize that was the real "why' for going to the jungle, becoming a practitioner was just ancillary. It's through my self love that I am able to show up more complete and grounded in this work for my clients. It is with great reverence and a humble heart I walk this path in surrender as a conduit for this sacred medicine, and in service for others to face off with their blockages, trauma, and suffering for their own transformation.

My approach to serving Kambo is predominately 1- on -1 sessions however, I will accommodate small groups (2 - 4 people). Smaller containers honor my training and I find this approach creates a strong container for the deepest potential of release and transformation. 

I'm based out of Topanga, CA just outside of Los Angeles yet travel regularly to work with clients in other cities and countries.

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