Kambo Sessions

- What is your intention to work with Kambo?

- Is there something specific you want to release?

- How deep do you want to go?

These are many questions to consider before scheduling a session. Because the journey with Kambo is so personal and multilayered, I offer personalized sessions in two forms which vary depending on your need. Kambo treatments are considered house calls and performed in the privacy of your home. 

Kambo Cleanse

Single Kambo treatment.

To connect, cleanse, energize and detoxify your physical, spiritual, and energetic fields. Why this may be an option:

  • You are looking to connect with Kambo for the first time.

  • You want to do a general detox​​.

  • You need a boost in energy/stamina.

  • You want to ease into the process of working with animal medicine.​

Kambo Warrior Cleanse

A series of three Kambo treatments within one moon cycle.

Considered an inoculation and most recommended to garner the deepest results.

Why this may be an option: 

  • You have a specific concern you want to focus on.

  • You have worked with Kambo before and want to go deeper.

  • You want to deepen the cleanse at a manageable pace.