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Can Kambo treat Herpes?

The herpes viruses are some of the most common viruses to afflict humans and are also some of the most misunderstood. By some estimates 80 percent of the adult population will carry type one #herpes simplex by the age of 80. Which is staggering and the fuel by which this post is written to both educate and destigmatize something that potentially has or could affect us all.

Two major types of herpes:

- HSV-1 is the form of herpes that infects the skin of the face: it causes the blisters that we call cold sores but is more frequently infecting genitals.

- HSV-2 is the historically genital form however, this is a description of prevalence, rather than a rule: in practice, you can get either type at either end of the body, and there is no clinical way of differentiating between the two.

- Two stages:

- Latency stage: A dormancy period in which there are few to no symptoms

- Outbreak stage: Expressed symptoms of the virus Once a person has contracted HSV, they can transmit the virus even during dormant periods when there are no visible sores or other symptoms. The risk of transmitting the virus when it’s dormant is less. But it’s still a risk, even for people who are receiving treatment for HSV.

- #HSV-1 and #HSV-2 infect 16% to 20% of Americans More women have the virus than men. On average, women have about a 10% higher risk of getting genital herpes then men

- 10% to 25% (10 to 25 people out of 100) of people with genital herpes take medications and are less likely to pass the virus on than those who don’t show symptoms and have not been tested.

- More than 20% of people in the U.S. age 14 to 49 have the virus, of which 10% to 25% (10 to 25 people out of 100) are aware that they have it. Meaning that potentially 75 people out of 100 have the virus or carry it without knowing it because, the vast majority of cases either don’t break out in blisters or have such a mild initial reaction that they overlook the symptoms and never get tested.

Overall, advancements in treatments have some success in suppressing the viruses however, studies are showing that these viruses can become resistant to the traditional treatments and very little headway has been made with alternative treatment options.

How might Kambo help?

The chemical make up of #Kambo is full of #peptides one of which being #Dermaspetin which has both #antibacterial and #antiviral properties. Which has been shown to inhibit Cancer cell growth as well as kill the filamentous fungi that affects AIDS patients, because of these properties it has been isolated as an effective antiviral that works against both Herpes Simplex 1 and 2.

In cell studies Dermaseptins were added at different times during the herpes viral cycle to investigate the mode of antiviral action. Most of the tested derivatives were noted to exhibit high antiviral activity particularly when pre-incubated with free herpes viruses prior to infection. Showing that Dermaseptin is able to reduce the amount of herpes once it has moved out of the latency stage however, it works best by preventing the bonding altogether during the latency stage. By mitigating the effects of herpes and preventing future outbreaks Dermaspetin can be considered a promising candidate for future application as a therapeutic virucidal agent for the treatment of herpes viruses.

As scientists continue exploring how Dermaseptin works in conjunction with Kambo’s other peptides, they may be able to isolate a combination of peptides that provides a permanent, effective #vaccine against herpes.

If you carry the virus or think you have been exposed to herpes recently but have not yet experienced an outbreak, consider talking with a trusted #Kambopractitioner about a consultation and #Kambosession treatment plan.

Living with herpes is frustrating at best and at its worst, can be painful and incredibly isolating. Education as well as advancements toward a cure with both traditional and alternative approaches together could be beneficial to keep the virus under control and prevent future generations from suffering the recurring, endless herpes outbreaks that many in our current generation deal with. In love and good medicine,

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