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Can Kambo treat Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain in the Body

Chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. It could begin as an injury or other cause, yet persists even after the initial injury has healed. Chronic pain is widely believed to be a disease, with known changes in the nerves that get worse, persist, and develop resistance to many medical treatments.

Severe pain, activates the (HPATG) system in the body which is composed of the: hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal–thyroid–gonadal systems, aka: the hormone production and stress control system of the body. Hormones are important in this equation because they provide immunologic, anti-inflammatory, pain control and regenerative properties for cellular protection and healing.

In cases of chronic pain, what happens is this system cannot maintain its normal hormone production and levels drop below a normal range. A weakened hormonal system is unable to tolerate the stress of pain and some of these hormones are so critical to pain control that a deficiency could actually enhance pain or worse, stunt healing.

Efficacy of Kambo

Research shows the chemical makeup of Kambo consists of peptides, which are what stimulate the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland in the brain. More specifically Kambo peptides Caerulein and Sauvagine - have powerful pain-relieving properties and Dermorphin and Deltorphin - provide an opioid-like effect 400 times more powerful than morphine, making it in essence a natural and holistic pain killer.

Aside from having powerful pain relieving properties, the chemical make up of Kambo increases blood flow and reduces inflammation. When approached as a treatment this has potential to go deeper than just alleviating pain but rather treat the causes of pain. This in consideration, Kambo could also support other modalities of treatments for pain. For example, increased blood flow and decreased inflammation could support a chiropractor to make more accurate adjustments, or increase the efficiency of massage, acupuncture, or Ayurvedic modalities of healing etc...

More than 76 million people in the United States live with chronic pain many of which aren’t receiving treatment. Of those who do get treatment, research has shown that there is an alarming increase in pain relieving drugs prescribed each year and self reported opioid misuse and abuse. This said, accessibility to those who need treatment as a well as prevention are other areas in which Kambo as a treatment option could be a beneficial within the scope of chronic pain.

Anecdotal Reports

While western medicine and research still haven’t bridged the gap of longitudinal studies concerning alternative medicines like Kambo. What we do have are the anecdotal claims from generations of tribes as well as westerners who have worked with this medicine for decades. In the vein of chronic pain what is being reported:

  • Need for medication greatly reduced 1-2 weeks after their Kambo session.

  • Dramatic reduction of medication for a longer period of time.

  • A single session as being enough to cure the underlying cause of an individuals' chronic pain.

Kambo as Treatment

While some individuals’ chronic pain may completely disappear, others may experience only a slight reduction, or their pain may return over time. There is no way to know how Kambo will affect an individuals system and pain levels until they sit in a session. That said, because of biodiversity and different chronic pain issues multiple Kambo treatments could be necessary to provide a more thorough cleansing of the body's system and in essence longer pain relief.

If your considering Kambo as a treatment for chronic pain, it is most important to find a practitioner who has been properly trained, which you trust, and whom you can co-create a treatment plan with. Having sovereignty over your healing is what is most important. Wishing you support and good health.

In love and service,

The Kamboist


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